KTLA: Dangers of Snapchat

Catch me on KTLA where I get to weigh in on the dangers of the social media app, Snapchat and highlight how drug dealers are

Newsmax-Washington Under Lockdown

Dr. Lisa joins Newsmax again to discuss the riots on the Capitol and how the use of social media impacted the events. She also expresses

Dr. Lisa Addresses PornHub

Let’s talk about something that needs to be brought to light-PORN! My recent article on PornHub, a few things you should know. My work focused

How To Find Thankfulness In 2020

Published in in Relevant Magazine I was really hoping to feel more thankful post-election. I was optimistic that we would be further along in understanding

There is Danger “Among Us”

Have you heard about the game AMONG US? If not, please read on my Medium channel: There is Danger “Among Us” Stay in the know,

CosPlay Therapy- Yahoo Lifestyle!

Dr. Lisa contributes to Yahoo Lifestyle on the topic of CosPlay Therapy as it was featured on the hit HBO Show, Big Little Lies. Read the

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Navigating Summer Break in MASK Magazine

Dr. Lisa Strohman is MASK Magazine’s college life skills expert. In this article, she discusses how parents should navigate summer break when their kids return