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Dr. Lisa Strohman, renowned clinical psychologist and expert on the digital world’s effect on our mental wellness, to join with Mountain Youth in an educational  presentation: “Technology: The New Gateway Drug” on November 10th.

Dr. Strohman will discuss how technology can lead to gaming addiction, depression, and anxiety.

Vail, Colorado (October 20, 2020) – Dr. Lisa Strohman, a clinical psychologist, attorney, and President of Digital Citizen Academy, will participate in an education presentation for Mountain Youth, “Technology: The New Gateway Drug”, on November 10th.  Dr. Strohman, an expert on the digital world’s effect on mental wellness, has been invited to discuss the topics of addiction, gaming, and depression as it relates to technology use.

Dr. Strohman has become widely known for her advocacy and education around mental wellness as it relates to our digital lives. She has worked with thousands of parents, schools, and children around the globe. She established the Digital Citizen Academy (DCA) as a prevention and diversion training program focused on eliminating core issues like cyber-bullying, child luring and suicide.  DCA is offered to schools with an in-home plan that educates, empowers, and inspires balance and prosocial use of technology.