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ask lisa

Dear Dr. Lisa,

I have been hearing a lot about this Peeping Tom case that recently happened in our community. How concerned should we as parents be about this situation and what can we do to keep it from happening to our kids or neighbors?

Thank you,

Petrified Parent


Dear Petrified Parent,

First of all, no need to be petrified, but definitely it is good to be aware and concerned about what people are capable of doing via social media platforms today. Long gone are the “creepy white vans” of the past and now predators are using social media and the internet to trap our kids. This situation  occurred when a predator tracked a young girl via Geo Mapping on Snapchat. Geo Mapping, for those don’t know, is the capability of others to know our EXACT location via social platforms. In the case of Snapchat, there is no way to disable geo mapping while using the app.

This predator tracked the young girl to her home and was discovered watching her through a window before police were called and he was detained. This is definitely a serious issue that should not be brushed aside. Educate your kids and yourself on what goes on behind the scenes on these social media apps. I will be giving a talk on November 16th that dives deep into these issues that may not be common knowledge as well as tips on how to combat them. If cannot make it in person, I will also be live streaming, too! For more information on the event click here! I hope to see you there because we are all in this together!

–Dr. Lisa