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5 things you should never post online.

What happens on social media stays on social media. Even if you post something and delete it, it’s never really gone … which is why it’s important to think before you post.

But, it isn’t only about posting things you may regret later on social media, posting certain things can put you at risk. With that in mind, these are things no one should ever do on social media platforms.

5 things you should never post online.

5 things to never do on social media

Post when you’re emotional.

If you’re angry, sad, or feeling any sort of negative emotions, it’s not the time to post on social media. Often people post in the heat of the moment and it only exacerbates a situation or gives people a negative perception of the person posting. Take a moment. Breathe. Stay in control. And, no matter what, don’t post your thoughts regarding whatever situation is upsetting you on social media.

Post photos in compromising situations.

I like to apply the rule when it comes to posting that you should refrain from posting anything you wouldn’t show your grandmother or be ok with up on a billboard. Posting compromising photos can hurt college/career/life opportunities down the line. Let’s not forget that anyone can see the photo, lift it, share it, repurpose it, or take it out of the jurisdiction of your home country. Despite what people may think, whatever you post on line can be made public and is permanent.

Post about politics, race or religion and get into arguments with people you don’t know on social media.

I know sometimes it feels good to air your feelings about politics, race and religion on social media, but skip it. Hot button topics can bring out people that you don’t know and who aren’t stable. The first time I was on a podcast sharing my thoughts on the second amendment, I got a death threat. You never know who is reading your post or their emotional well-being. Even if your profile is on lockdown, it’s easy to screenshot and share a post.

Post vacation dates, your location or  a travel itinerary.

Sharing when you aren’t going to be home is never a good idea. The minute you start posting about a trip, it alerts people to the fact that you aren’t home and leaves your home vulnerable to break-ins. It also puts you at risk if you share where you are as anyone can find you.

Post inauthentic content.

Be who you are online. Posing, a lack of genuineness or being inauthentic is off-putting and sets a bad example for others. Kids today are growing up in a world where they think they should be a Kardashian. They emulate these influencers, tag them, and try to get their attention with the hope of becoming an influencer, too. Fake, curated posts create a vacuous, empty presentation of a person. Be authentic. Be you.